About Us

Motor Trade Delivery is a unique service that brings together car dealerships, lease companies and rental companies, in fact everyone in the motor trade that requires vehicles moving. We offer a one-stop service for moving each vehicle at the current market price.

Covering the whole of the UK, our service will help:

  • Dealerships move cars at the current market price. The market price for a vehicle delivery varies from day to day depending on factors such as location of drivers and the final destination
  • Logistics companies will improve planning by optimising their drivers' time and routes by linking jobs together much more effectively than ever before. Jobs can be quickly accepted saving time and costs resulting in greater profit margins

Our real time service is a win-win for both car dealerships and vehicle delivery companies. It is also great for the environment helping companies slash their transport emissions.

How it works

This is not a quotation service. Vehicles placed on this site need moving and can be accepted by vehicle logistics companies with a click of the mouse or can be 'bid on'.

Dealerships will always get the best possible price for the vehicle movement. Vehicle logistics companies will save time and money by getting access to greater volumes of work and only taking work that is convenient and at the right price.

The whole system is online, meaning it is active 24 hours a day, with everything in real time.

Jobs are initially posted by dealerships at a discounted rate; the price then gradually rises to a maximum, defined by the dealership.

The logistics company has two options;

Firstly, use the buy it now to take the job at the current market price,


Secondly, place a bid for the job. If their bid is the first bid to be reached as the price rises , it will automatically be accepted and allocated to that logistics company.

For Dealerships

Whether you need to move one motor or a fleet of vehicles quickly, you can enter your job details on our website and expect a bid for the job – no more waiting for quotations and ringing around car haulage companies. The logistics companies come to you and bid for your business. You can setup various different 'networks' to offer the movements to. So if you only want to use your regular transportation companies, then setup a network limited only to these companies. No-one else can see these jobs and only your regular companies can take or bid on them.

As for price, what you see is what you pay. All movement prices include fuel, so you are able to budget more effectively.

For Vehicle Logistics Companies

Whether you deal with single plate moves or full transporter loads, you can bid on, or accept any job that suits you, day or night. So no more paying drivers to wait around for their next vehicle, or having an empty transporter on its return journey.

The system works on a simple "Bid" or "Buy Now" basis. Why not try out our service now with our Free Trial?

For Dealerships

  • No waiting for quotes: a quick and easy way to get a vehicle moved
  • Interactive tools including mobile facilities so you can track the journey of your vehicle/s
  • All jobs are accepted INCLUDING fuel, so the price the job is taken at is the price you pay
  • DVLA look up, just type the registration in and the site will look up the vehicle at the DVLA
  • Peace of mind that the bidder is insured. Insurance certificates are available online
  • Jobs taken in real time, as soon as the job is allocated to a company you receive the details of the company complete with contact names and numbers

For logistics companies

With the 'Buy it Now' feature there is no waiting for a response, simply 'click' and the movement is yours at the currently advertised price, or if you prefer you can place a bid.
  • No waiting for a decision on a bid – if you have a driver at a location, you can take the job then and there. The "Buy it now" facility enables you to take the job immediately, at the current price
  • Access to jobs nationwide
  • An online fuel calculator, based on MPG - "An estimate of fuel is given on each job, enabling easier budgeting for the job"
  • Jobs can be taken with a single click, or place a bid which will be automatically accepted, if the offered price reaches your bid level first
  • A one-off monthly fee, plus a small success fee for each successful bid / buy it now

At Motor Trade Delivery, we offer you a no fuss, quick and easy way to get the job done at the market price. Whether you are a dealership, lease, rental or logistics company you are guaranteed to get value for money. Why not see how our service can benefit your business now, with our Free Trial?