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General FAQs

1. Who are Motor Trade Delivery?
  • Motor Trade Delivery is an online auction system used to bring together Dealerships and Logistic companies to arrange the collection & delivery of vehicles.

2. What is the benefit of Motor Trade Delivery?
  • Motor Trade Delivery benefits both the dealer and logistic company – The dealership benefits mainly from delivery cost savings and having access to a wide range of UK wide logistics companies. The logistics company benefits by having access to large volumes of dealership work across the country.

3. What are the costs involved in using Motor Trade Delivery?
  • Logistics companies are charged £50 + VAT per month subscription and variable prices per job won depending on the mileage.
    • Dealerships are charged a variable fee depending on agreements with our consultants and bespoke requirements.

4. How does Motor Trade Delivery work?
  • Logistics – Once logged in you will be able to search for active listings. If you see a job you are interested in you have several options, either you buy the job at the price it is currently at or you can place a bid for the price you would be willing to move this job for, or in some cases you can place a quote. As this is a reverse auction the price will start at a 60% drop of top price the dealership is willing to pay, this will then incrementally rise over the auction period until it reaches the top price or the lowest bid.
  • Dealership – Once you have listed your vehicle and it has been accepted by a logistics company you will then receive an email confirming who will be delivering your vehicle along with their contact details and the cost.

5. What does pence per mile mean?
  • The pence per mile or PPM is a price chosen by the dealership when registering to the system. This price is then used along with the MPG of the vehicle (if driven) the weight and the delivery distance to determine the market price of each job.

6. What is a POC/POD?
  • A POC/POD (proof of collection/delivery) is either a paper or electronic document provided by the logistics company that is signed by the dealership when a car is collected or delivered. POCs and PODs must be uploaded to each and every job.

Dealership FAQs

7. What types of jobs are listed on Motor Trade Delivery?
  • There are a mixture of intersite moves, customer handovers and fleet deliveries, all driven or transported.

8. How do I know when my car is due to be collected or delivered if I am a Dealership?
  • When the logistic company accepts/collects a job, they will add an approximate ETA onto the listing. If you log in and view your Active Listing page the ETAs will be visible to you.

9. How do I cancel a listing?
  • Please call the MTD Team on 0330 303 9030 and they will be able to help.

10. How do I list a job?
  • Log into your account and click Create Listing. The steps are then fairly simple, including adding vehicle details and the dates for collection/delivery etc.

11. What is an SLA?
  • An SLA (Service level agreement) is a contract between the dealership and logistics company outlining what is expected when collecting & delivering a vehicle and the procedures to be followed should a job be cancelled or aborted.

Logistics FAQs

12. I am interested in registering as a logistic supplier, please can you provide more info?
  • Please register your interest here https://www.motortradedelivery.com/Register/Logistics
  • Please note the minimum requirements to be accepted onto the system are:
    • A minimum £50,000 insurance cover (road risk or goods in transit) per vehicle
    • At least 12 months experience moving vehicles for main car dealerships
    • A valid UK driving licence
    • A valid Operators licence (where applicable)
    • A valid Tachograph calibration certificate (where applicable)
    • VAT number (where applicable)
    • Certificate of incorporation from Companies House (where applicable)
    • £1m Public Liability insurance cover

13. What is the minimum insurance cover needed by a logistics company to register to Motor Trade Delivery?
  • £50,000 cover is the minimum needed by the majority of dealerships.
    • We also require a minimum of £1m public liability insurance cover.

14. I can′t get hold of the dealership to confirm if a vehicle is available?
  • Please call the MTD team on 0330 303 9030 who will try and contact the dealership on your behalf.

15. What is the difference between an abort and a cancellation?
  • A cancellation is where the job is cancelled by the dealership/customer or MTD more than 24 hours before the earliest collection date and time or per the Dealerships SLA. (This job will not be invoiceable by you)
    • An abort is where you have called ahead to confirm, within 24hrs of the earliest collection date, that the car is ready for collection but the job is stopped en–route/or on arrival by the dealership/customer or MTD. (This job is invoiceable by you).
 Please note only Dealerships can authorise aborts – MTD cannot.

16. What do I do if my ePOD isn′t working?
  • Please call the MTD team on 0330 303 9030 and we will talk you through any technical issues you may have.

17. Who do I invoice for my jobs?
  • This differs per dealership, please call the MTD team on 0330 303 9030 and we can give you the details based on the company involved.

18. What do I do if I am going to be late for a vehicle collection or delivery?
  • Contact the dealership concerned and/or MTD on 0330 303 9030 or you may be fined or penalised.

19. What do I do if I have an accident?
  • Ensure you, passengers and others involved are safe. If you are able to do so safely, call MTD on 0330 303 9030. Ensure you make a log of accident circumstances and swap contact information with any 3rd parties involved, then liaise with your insurance company ASAP.